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FC Palestino 22/23 Palestine Jersey White

FC Palestino 22/23 Palestine Jersey White

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 Celebrate a legacy of resilience and pride with the FC Palestino 22/23 Palestine Jersey in a clean, classic white edition. This jersey carries the emblem of heritage and a deep-rooted sense of identity, making it more than just a sports kit; it's a statement of solidarity and cultural connection.


Product Description:

Design: Adorned with a vibrant Palestinian flag sash across the front, this jersey boasts an eloquent design that symbolizes the club's and community's enduring spirit.

Color Scheme: The jersey's crisp white base is accented with the traditional Palestinian colors, creating a bold contrast that's visually striking and full of meaning.

Fabric Technology: Engineered with performance in mind, the jersey features advanced fabric that wicks away sweat, ensuring players and fans stay cool and dry, reflecting the club's dynamic approach to the game.

Sponsorship and Branding: With the Bank of Palestine's sponsorship, this kit reflects a partnership rooted in community and growth, complemented by Capelli Sport's mark of sportswear excellence.

Club Crest and Details: The FC Palestino crest sits proudly on the chest, while the geometric patterns and design elements on the sleeves add a modern flair to the timeless jersey.

Trim Detailing: Sleek black trim on the collar and cuffs frames the jersey, offering a polished look that's versatile for casual wear or match day enthusiasm.

History and Significance:

This white edition of FC Palestino's jersey is more than an athletic garment; it's a wearable emblem of history, representing a club that stands as a beacon for its community. The Palestinian flag detail is a tribute to the club's origins and a powerful symbol of unity and identity within the sport.

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  • 2022/2023 FC Palestino Kit
  • Cultural Football Jersey
  • FC Palestino Fanwear
  • High-Performance Soccer Jersey

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